“Do I really need to offer Escrow?”

Many of the Software Vendors we speak to are initially hesitant when their clients enquire about including Escrow coverage as part of their service offering.

But, did you know that including Escrow protection as part of your service actually makes you an even more attractive proposition to potential customers?

When enquiring about Escrow, your customers are not demonstrating that they have a lack of confidence in your ability to deliver the software they are licensing, but highlighting the importance of your software to them and pursuing effective business continuity strategies to ensure that their investment is protected.

Many organisations consider Escrow best practice when licensing applications they view as: business critical, bespoke, highly customised or revenue generating.

For these customers, Escrow is viewed as part of a long term relationship supporting the licence agreement and which benefits both Vendor and Software User.

Is Escrow a frequent topic of conversation with your customers?

If so, a suitable solution may be to look at the option of creating a template agreement to protect all of your clients with a single Escrow agreement.

Historically, different software applications and different clients each had to be set-up on separate agreements, increasing the administration and driving up the cost of Escrow. SES’s Master Multi Licensee Agreement is very different. Rather than having to set up a separate contract per software product or for each client, SES work with Software Vendors to create a template agreement that can cover any and all clients on any software product.

This allows you to control release events, consolidate agreements, reduce administration, provides much greater flexibility, allows Vendors to deposit individually or across a group of clients, ensures all of your clients, (present and future), can be protected on their version of the product, all under one agreement with a single annual fee.

If you would like more information including Escrow protection as part of your service offering an even more attractive prospect to your potential customers, please use the form below to get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.

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