Protect all of your clients with a single Escrow agreement

Numerous organisations request Software Escrow agreements when licensing business critical applications. This protects the end user or Licensee should their Vendor no longer be able to support the license but for Software Vendors, Escrow can seem as more of a hindrance than a help, creating extra work and administration and putting more pressure on an already busy schedule.

But what if Escrow was simple?

As a leading global provider of high value Software Escrow solutions, SES strive to deliver simple, cost effective agreements which meet our client’s individual requirements.

Where our competitors often offer static solutions where each agreement can only protect a single version of a single software product as demonstrated below:

competitor-master-multiCompetitor Example – Software Developer has 3 products and many customers

In the example above a traditional Escrow model would equate to 3 agreements, as each product has to be set up on different agreements, even if the protections and commitments are the same. This in turn requires 3 set-up fees and three annual fees, one for each product.

SES’s Master Multi-Licensee Agreement is different. Rather than having to set up a separate contract per software product (or even per version of a software product) SES work with Software Vendors to create a template agreement that can cover all clients on any software product. This provides much greater flexibility, allows Vendors to deposit individually or across a group of clients, ensures all of your clients, (present and future), can be protected on their version of the product, all under one agreement with a single annual fee. Please see the diagram below:


SES Example – Software developer has 3 products, and many customers and 1 Escrow agreement.

Unlike alternative providers, SES’s Master agreement is just that –an agreement which covers all of your clients, and all of the versions of all of your software products. In essence, delivering a single agreement for the lifetime of your business.

If you would like more information on how our Master Multi-Licensee Escrow Agreements can reduce your costs and administration whilst offering your customers greater assurance, please use the form below to get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.

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