When it comes to Software Escrow you do have a choice

Contrary to popular belief, the Software Escrow Industry has TWO major players, not just one as so many are led to believe.

Both companies are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited due to their outstanding levels of security.

Both offer exceptional Software Escrow Services, Code Validation and Secure Storage.

But only ONE of these companies is the leading worldwide supplier of Low Cost, High Value Software Escrow Solutions.

For nearly two decades, SES has been protecting over 2,000 Software Developers, IP Owners, Distributors and End Users in over 40 countries across the world, and our levels of Customer Service, Cost Effectiveness and Security have enabled us to become the fastest growing Software Escrow Provider in Europe.

Why Choose SES?

Security and Privacy are our primary focus

All source code deposits, regardless of agreement type, are encrypted to ensure the highest level of security.

Giving you a better deal

Rate card against rate card – we are 30% more cost effective than our equally accredited competitor. Saving your business money.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Ensuring your satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest. We constantly monitor our service levels and your feedback to maintain a customer satisfaction rate of 99%.

If you’re interested in finding out how choosing SES’s Software Escrow Solutions could benefit your business, please use the form below to get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.

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